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One of the things I enjoy about the Internet is searching for questions and reading responses.

Did he read the readme?
Can't he find this out by himeself?
Why would he use MP3 over OGG?

Not the answer to the question.

I'll keep it simple.

I'm running prboom-plus-

I'm having trouble finding an ABSOLUTE straight-foward answer.

Does it support the playback of MP3 files INSIDE the PWAD?

If so...:

What restrictions (if any) are on the MP3 file (encoding-wise)?
Importing and renaming my MP3 LUMP to D_ULTIMA and using Map32 and I get silence.

The PRBOOM+ readme says it supports MP3 but doesn't explain HOW.


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I ran two sound samples, one an MP3 the other ogg, through both, Sound Forge and Goldwave, and both played without problem.

I made sure that the map was for MAP32.
Then I copied the MP3 into the pwad and renamed the lump to D_ULTIMA.
Then I did the same with the ogg sound sample.

Both played properly in PrBOOM+.

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Tolwyn said:

Importing and renaming my MP3 LUMP to D_ULTIMA and using Map32 and I get silence.

Where exactly did you put it into your wad relatively to other lumps, particularly map-specific lumps and special markers? It should be placed outside any special markers and also not in between map-specific lumps belonging to a single map.

It would help if you confirmed that the music in your wad actually plays when you play the wad in some other port, so that we could be sure that the music-not-playing issue is actually specific to PrBoom-plus.

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Solved. The Bitrate was too high.

I re-encoded to 192kbps and it worked fine.

Where did I miss this? Is there a doc somewhere I missed?

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