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Using Doom graphics/textures in a stream

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Y'all think I could get in trouble if I used, say, a Doom texture as a part of the layout for a stream overlay I'm working on? Specifically I want to make an overlay that looks like the Doom HUD, though I'm making my own stbar so basically I just want to use the greenbrick texture as an overall background (like if you decreased screen-size in game). I'm sure I can find an "open" texture that is similar, but using this one feels so right. ;~;

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I don't think it should be much of an issue, honestly. There's so many streamers using copyrighted materials - hell, their whole shtick is entirely based around them. I'd be stunned if anyone took action over a simple Doom HUD. (If they really do care about something small as that, hoo boy better not let 'em near the archive!!)

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