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See through texture help

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I'm trying to use this texture called 'BRNSMAL1'.
But when I try to apply the texture, there are little black spots where the holes in the texture should be.
How do I make the texture look like it should?

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See through textures should only be used as the middle texture, only on a 2-sided linedef. Otherwise there's no content behind the see-through part to show, to put it in plain terms.

If you've got it as the middle texture, you probably need to make a sector behind it.
If you've got it as a lower or upper texture, that just won't work. Instead set it as the middle texture and use the upper or lower unpegged flags on the linedef, to move the texture to the top or bottom of the connecting linedef.

If this doesn't make sense, post an image or upload your wad as it is and someone can show you what you need to do.

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