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BOOM Monster Teleportation

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Sorry if this has been asked before but how can I make it so monsters outside of the map going to teleport in will hear me without soundpipes.
Something along the lines of the archvile teleport from map04 of chillax

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Create a sector outside the map where you will put the monsters you want to teleport, then merge this sector with one that it's inside the playable area. The monsters will awake if the player shoot but beware of blocksound lines and door that wont make the sound travel. Than modify the closet with the monsters adding teleport lines and something to block them so you can release them when a trigger gets activated.

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In case you don't know how to join/merge sectors, this is how you go about it in Doom Builder 2 and GZDoom Builder: Go to sector mode, select the sectors, then choose "Sectors -> Join" or "Sectors -> Merge" from the top menu panel, or use keyboard shortcuts "J" for joining sectors or "Shift + J" for merging them. The difference between joining and merging sectors is that if the sectors were neighboring, merging them would safely delete the linedefs between them, but joining them would keep the linedefs in their places.

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