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Not Your Day - Megawad Preview / Demo

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Hey guys, it's Spunk again, if you recall. I'm feeling a *little* less noob-ish whenever it comes to mapping and such. I've been silent over the past few weeks, but I figured it was time to share (and get some feedback!) on the progress of the first two (and a half) levels of the Megawad I've been working on, "NotYourDay.wad".

My biggest themes here that I'm trying to use are a realistic connection between the maps (so far, I've got an elevator and a cave), and semi-believable settings / places. These maps still need a lot of work (especially balancing out the secrets, you can get absolutely loaded up on gear in the first map if you're careful and know what to look for), so keep that in mind while playing/watching. Some more things I'm shooting for are making a megawad that's more focused on storytelling and unique moments rather than just throwing difficulty at you. Other than small things, I'm pretty happy and proud of these maps so far. I still want some good feedback (even if you fucking hate them!) from you guys, as well as people who don't play / map too often, if at all (IE, YouTubers). This has only been tested in ZDoom and GZDoom. This was built in Doom Builder 2, and the custom music was done with XWE. Here's the download link:


One issue that I have, currently, is I have the same internet speed of someone on Doom's launch day. I could upload videos / files faster if I drove a flashdrive to a friend's house in the city. Peace, quiet, and land vs Fast internet speeds, living in the boondocks problems. So, if nothing comes out in the next few months, don't worry, I'm not going to be cancelling this. Shouldn't take that long, either way. Here's a video walking through everything (spoilers!) if you'd like to see my take / explanations on this (may still be processing, YouTube can take a while sometimes):


I've actually done a speed-run (my first ever speed-run) of the first two maps, making pretty decent time. If you think you can beat my times, then challenge accepted! Check that out here if you like that sort of thing:


As usual, if you watch any of this, or check out my map, or find this at all interesting, thank you very much! The only thing I ask, is to leave a little feedback here or on YouTube, so I can learn something from it, get more ideas for what I do with this in the future, and get some play-testing done. Thanks again, dudes.



YouTube hates me. Didn't realize until later that it cut my video in half. Here's the other half, for anyone that's interested: https://youtu.be/VdQAOUp8DdA

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