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QuakeCon 2001 Stuff

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QuakeCon 2K1 is just around the corner with under a month until it happens. As far as I can tell, no one from Doomworld is going to be attending, which is a major bummer since id is almost certainly going to be showing something Doom-related there. So:

* If you're going to QuakeCon this year, send me an email at linguica@doomworld.com. I am looking for someone who could write a detailed report of what happens, and a best-case scenario would include photos or, even better, video of anything Doom-related that they show.

If you fit this profile, send me an email. There would even be some money in it for you.

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Yeah, I bet the new control scheme is going to be great too!

D=Fast Forward

The Doom 3 movie looks like it's going to rock, I just wish it had more than 1 enemy on the screen at a time. Oh well, it ought to be fun watching a few times. They ought to make a game out of it though, that would be pretty cool.

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