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Doomkid's FunGuns!

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Hey there people :) I was messing around in the editor (as usual) and made an few tweaks to the original gun behavior. This should be perfect if there's a mapset you enjoy but is a little too difficult, or if you want a little variety in your deathmatch server.

What's different:
The fist is now exponentially more powerful. When you have a berserk pack, you can annihilate almost anything.

The pistol is replaced with the normal chaingun, and now has infinite ammo. Keep running out of ammo, but don't want to be a flat out cheater? Here's a good solution.

The chainsaw has been replaced by the Skulltag railgun. It functions exactly as Zdaemon railguns always have, meaning slower rate of fire and no pesky reload sequence.

The single barrel is a minuscule bit faster, just to help it keep up with the SSG. You might not notice, it's only a 3 tic difference. The SSG remains unchanged, because that gun is perfect as-is!

The chaingun is now a super chaingun. I figured if the Shotgun gets a super version, why not the chaingun? I found Skulltag's minigun to be a little too overpowered, so this sits directly between the minigun and vanilla chaingun.

Rockets originally travel at a speed of 20, they now travel at a speed of 25. Plasma originally travels at a speed of 25, it now travels at 29. May seem minor, but can make a huge difference in deathmatch. The plasma gun is also 25% quieter, great on the ears!

The BFG remains unchanged, because like the SSG, it's already perfect. 8)

If you want a little edge on the monsters or want a little more kick of power in DM, you will probably enjoy this. I hope you guys have fun with this one. Let me know what you think or if you find any bugs or anything else. Enjoy!


This was tested in Odamex, Zdoom, Zandronum and Zdaemon and seemed to work perfectly in each. If PrBoom supported railguns, it would probably work there too!

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I like how the left fist with a knuckle deals twice more damage than the right fist without it. The shotgun speed change is definitely noticeable to me, but feels good. I also like the quiter plasma sound. Keep in mind that projectiles with greater speed that twice their radius are getting prone to clip through solid walls just like Mancubus's fireballs sometimes do.

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Doomkid said:

......Rockets originally travel at a speed of 20, they now travel at a speed of 25.

I believe that it will also boost the speed of cyberdemon's rocket.

Anyway, nice touch with balancing original weapons. Although I was expecting something funny and ridiculous, judging from the name of it. ;) And about the pistol replacement, I would give more ammo capacity rather than make it non-depletable.

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