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The Plutonia Experience [Dumbfuck Joke Map/FDA Crap]

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Yeah it's one of those things. Don't take this map as a serious effort, I'm simply curious how a bunch of FDA's will look on something so completely and utterly retarded. Grab it here then upload your FDA efforts so I can slap them all into a stupid video.

Or don't, whatever.

Vanilla compatible, Plutonia.wad being the target IWAD (obviously).

Music is an aptly-titled piece, "The Dumbest Fuck", by Propaganda.

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Max: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f8z988731vzlfbd/tpe_rdwpa_max.lmp

Not sure why I thought this was a viable max map; I guess everything should be around 0:47 or so. Probably more interesting to go for reality or something. TM how did you figure out how many milliseconds you took? I guess mine might be slower since I didn't enter the lowering bars that quickly.

Edit: Here's a 25-damage max. Could get better, but it's not that interesting of a run either I guess, because it's mostly down to chaingunner luck. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6k9ufh7406chrxn/tpe_rdwpa_max_25damage.lmp

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CNDoom has a timestamp in the upper-righthand corner of the HUD, and on the Intermission Screen.

Prboom-Plus' advanced HUD also has a millisecond timer, but it doesn't show in the Intermission Screen

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Thanks all, stupid shitty video is done:

More unexciting WADs of shit on the way, in the next however long I take to make one.

And by all means, continue to contribute to the FDAs for this one; I can never have enough crappy videos to make.

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