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Hexen Ambient Sound(s)

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I been trying most of today to add some ambient sounds to a GZDoombuilder GZdoom (Hexen) level.

I have read many helpers but I cannot get any ambient sound (other then wind). I have looked over the scripts from levels 1 and 2 in Hexen and tried some copy and paste but that hasn't worked. I have read that line defs can be set to trigger sounds but that hasn't worked. I can triggered monsters, doors, etc and am frustrated regarding sounds at this point.

Any thoughts from anyone? I can offer more specifics regarding what I have tried

Thank You too much

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First of all read http://zdoom.org/wiki/Ambient_sound#ZDoom

Then check the SNDINFO in Hexen.wad and copy the ambient sounds into your map.
From the above you know that ZDoom defines ambient sounds in the following format

$ambient <index> <logicalsound> [type] <mode> <volume>
Then create a SNDINFO lump in your map, something like this:

Then, simply drop ambient sounds into your map

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Thank You. Following your prompts I have succeeded. I have more work to do though. While nice having ambient sounds I need to learn to trigger rather then adjust distances. I couldn't have done it without your excellent help.

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