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Looking for a Doom 3 multiplayer bots mod

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There is currently one available on the Internet called Sabot 7, but it only supports Doom 3 version 1.3.0, which is the one before Resurrection of Evil came out. In other words, this is will not work with any Doom 3 that has updated to v1.3.1 (AKA both BFG and non-BFG Steam version and retail versions).

However, according to this site, there is indeed a Sabot 7x, that supported v1.3.1/Resurrection of Evil. But the file seems to have been deleted on the file sharing website it was hosted on and there seems to be no mirror link or uploaded anywhere else on the web as far as I can google.

Does anyone have this version of Sabot, or know any site still hosting that file?

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Orchid87 said:

Omni bots work like a charm although I have a problem hitting them with a pistol.

Omnibot is set at the highest difficulty by default, so you should tone it down in Doom 3/omni-bot/user/omni-bot.cfg. 0 is easiest, 6 is hardest.

Also, the chat keeps printing out whatever the bots pick up. Anyone know how to stop it?

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