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Gravitational waves directly detected!

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T_Silverwolf said:

I'm totally excited about this and I'm not into astrophysics usually but I'm all for learning something cool and new. More so if it gets us off this rock before we make it uninhabitable.

Sorry but I don't think that is going to happen. A combination of reasons from relativity, thermodynamics, and biology means we're stuck here. And gravitational waves are something we are nowhere near able to utilize for anything. Just the energy required to generate them is probably anything more than we can muster, otherwise it would be easier to just make them here and detect them that way rather than waiting for some black holes to collide somewhere else.

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Even if we were able to colonize other planets - if we have the ability to terraform and fix other planets, couldn't we invest some of that knowledge into fixing Earth? I definitely think space travel needs to be focused on far more than it is, I just don't get the "let's leave Earth to rot and find a new home" thing. I know it's all theoretical, but still. :P

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