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Tools to warp water flats

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I'm looking for something that will take a single flat and animate it, i.e. output multiple frames as images, with a water-warping effect like is found in Quake etc. (or really just any kind of tileable liquid animation.) That way you could take single-frame liquid textures from other games and have them animated in vanilla Doom and other ports.

Is there anything like this? Is this something some benevolent coder wants to make? Maybe it belongs in SLADE?? I've tried using GIMP filters but nothing satisfactory's come out of them. I guess if someone had a good general-purpose method for animating liquids using image editors that would be good instead/as well.

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She easily used a picture of a liquid with a picture of her own and it distorts it. Guess you can create some animation frames like that? It's not going to be smooth, though.

You should check out Doom Retro's liquid effects, it warps it, it has a wavey effect, the items/corpses on it bob with the wave and it clips the player and monsters that stand on it so that it feels deeper. And it can work with any texture.

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VGA said:

That... doesn't look great, but the technique might work, if I could find some animated water and use the individual frames as displacement maps.

A few ports have options for animating and warping flats (that Doom Retro screen looks pretty slick!) but I'm hoping to just output the warping to a file so that it will work in any port. The warping code is already written in other ports, which is why I wonder if it won't be too much work for someone to just port it into an image processing tool. I tried a while ago but it was beyond my meager monkey-with-a-typewriter coding skills.

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Thanks for those links, and that buzzword. A lot of stuff looks interesting, there... not quite what I was after since most or maybe all of it seems to deal with generating new textures, instead of warping existing ones. However that's also kind of useful to have. Something might work as a displacement map too.

Genetica looks really good at a glance, but the free version is 30-day trial only, paid versions start at $89... probably worth it if you're doing commercial stuff but that's a bit much when I just wanna make some Doom textures.

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