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WIP - Mortuus Civitate (DM map thing)

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Hello everyone,

I'm still kind of a newbie to the mapping scene but I recently took the plunge to make a DM map for Decapitation Deathmatch but through experimentation I've gathered my head on a map idea I wanted to try for my own project. So here we go:

These are heavy, heavy work in progress and this thread is going to function more as a development log for me rather than a promotional thread.

My goals are simple: A large DM map for TDM or group FFA using GZDOOM and that class of ports (I think Zandorum supports sloped 3d floors?). My secondary goal is to have a strong theme and a visual signature on par with Unreal Tournament 2004 or thereabouts (I'm stuck in the past, what can I say.)

So far my texture pallet consists of GothicTex.wad (from Gothic DM) but I'll probably switch it out for my own set once I get the architecture done, I just don't like these textures x_x

Current as of Feb 12:

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Sloped 3D floors are supported only in OGL. As a general rule it is best practice to avoid using them to accommodate for software users.

Furthermore, I highly advise against making any dm sets aimed at GZDoom because you'll get a grand total of 0 players. Make sure it works fully in Zandronum if you actually want people to play it.

Is this a symmetrical map? By the screens it looks mostly symmetrical; those don't work out very well in terms of longevity.

You should minimize detailing until the map has been properly play-tested to verify the playability of the map, otherwise you are wasting your time building a map nobody will play. Focus on a good layout and good item placement, have it tested for problems and bugs, and then complete it.

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From a visual perspective this looks really nice. I'd advise not using a symmetrical layout and ensuring Zandro compat because as Decay said, no one will play if it only runs in GZDoom. You clearly have talent as a mapper, hoping to see you continue with it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I /may/ shift this to a singleplayer map, but I guess I'll have to take a peek at Zandorum to see what it's capable of. It's really meant for me to practice on moreso than trying to be the next DW5M1 (if that even gets played any more. It used to be on Zdaemon way back when.)

Whatever the case, I'll be careful of those pitfalls you guys mentioned. Thanks a bunch. :)

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Zandronum is extremely flexible and will support most advanced features you would want for dm. The biggest limitations you will find will be the loss of dynamic lighting (maybe?) and no 3d slope floors, but those are software renderer limitations, they can all be seen in OGL. I also recommend using UDMF format to address those misaligned textures and flats.

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I'm looking into Zandorum right now. I might be able to get away with using portals to make my effects work out like this:

This was a practice scene I was messing around with, it has sloped stuff to make a waterfall but it's all done with portals. So maybe. . . I'll have to look into it, I still haven't completely finalized the design yet so there's always room to move things about!

Did some more work on the back end. To the left we're going to have a village (connected into one another) and then through the center will be more of the keep while on the outside right we're going to have some open space and ramparts to run around on:

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