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FreeDOOM DEB: Where does it go?

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I am running Debian on my Raspberry Pi, and have noticed that if I install FreeDOOM off the repository, that all of the source ports seem to pick up on the iWADs. The problem is though that I can't figure out where they are installed at as I'd like to replace them with the original ID iWADs as default.

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Hey there,

You'll usually find those files if you installed them via .deb in /usr/games/freedoom depending on the source port (Zandronum for example) you may also be able to find the configuration file in the home directory/program folder so in my case: /home/owner/.zandronum/zandronum.ini. In that file I can specify where the iwads are.

But Andrewj pretty much nailed finding the Freedoom iwad itself. Hope something said here helps!

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