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Hexecution [Hexen DM]

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Hi again, yes this is a cross-post.

Here is another deathmatch project for you guys, this time for Hexen. Figured trying something new. Project is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. Goal is a simple 5 good maps, here are 3 of them so far. If we get more, that's wonderful but quality > quantity.



100 Hours On Windows Physics by Arctangent
Korax's Secret Underground Base by Dusk
Aure Entuluva by Decay

Of course, the maps are subject to change based on playtesting. This project is also altering the classes, which will be in a separate pk3. There are a variety of changes planned, but nothing too radical, mainly for balancing purposes. Initial playtesting has taught us a ton about Hexen's horrific balance for deathmatch, so definitely some changes are absolutely needed if you want to have a good time playing any of the classes. However, right now it is still vanilla Hexen in terms of balance.

The bloodscourge/quietus/wraithverge are still separate pieces, the classes will retain differences. The main changes will be weapon tweaks (such as Timon's Axe getting a slight nerf for 2 hit kills instead of 1 hit) that include mana consumption cost, damage dealt, projectile velocity, and explosion delay changes.

If you wish to map for this project, just post. But keep the idea that changes will be made in mind, and it's not likely the first iteration of your map will be the last.

Suggestions, comments, critiques welcome. You will need ZANDRONUM or higher to play these maps (3d floors etc).

Edited by Decay

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no way to address the balancement issue by tweaking the layouts accordingly, instead?

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The fighter is simply too fast AND too armoured. Even with the fists the fighter class is a force to be reckoned with, you literally don't need anything else. A mage requires the bloodscourge to be even semi-effective against a fighter and probably a ton of items too. But in saying that a fighter can easily grab the items as well. A cleric doesn't fair much better either. Mace of Contrition is garbage, the serpent staff projectiles are too slow, surprisingly the wraithverge ghosts are fairly easy to avoid, leaving you really with firestorm and flechettes at best.

I think to wrangle the maps to balance everything out would take tremendous effort and would probably leave things a little boring for a fighter player unfortunately.

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Ah I saw this on the Zand forum a month or so ago; glad to see it's still being worked on. The screenies look nice; stuff like this makes me wonder if I really am just being cheap for not buying Hexen, heh. But keep it up!

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Thanks. Yes we are still working on them... very slowly. Have a bit of a lack of interest at this, due to working on AeonDM. Hopefully sooner than later I'll have an update. I have one more map ready to try out, just haven't gotten around to adding items to it and making a new compilation.

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