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Naked Snake

Forum action figures

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Yeah, so I was having a fit of nostalgia and remebered that one time on IRC I had made up a list of Doomworld Forumers action figures, so I thought I'd re-think them and add some new ones.

Linguica with a sausage whip

Zaldron with RAM chips

Mordeth with box of warez

Liam the Bard with Poll Bong

Pritch with "lovestruck" action (eyes bulge out and tounge droops out of his mouth) comes with DOLTerating action.

DSM with pad of paper and a pencil

Flathead with ShakyCam(tm) video

Dima with Doom 3 related articles

sotarn with 0 post count and moderator status

SlayeR with his secret copy of JDooM

Lament with pullstring (he has over 5000 smartass things to say)

Darknation with pullstring (he has over 5000 nasty things to call you)

Me with No-Doze pills

Esco with pullstring (has 5000 sayings, all in ghetto speak)

Maonth with spamming action (has his 1337455 bandana, doubles as a whip, his head whirls around is a circle and the bandana bitchslaps things)

Fredrik with spamming action and "Post Hell" action (horns protrude from his forehead)

Maga with "ZORK" action (totally bugs out)

Archvile46 with forum exploitation action

Danarchy with NIN Albums

Lüt with umlaut launcher

AndrewB with pullstring (all sayings are G rated)

Carnevil with Hissy

Fraggle with Smashing Pumpkins albums

Jon with "freakout" action (imagine his avatar as him ;)

Quasar with Eternity Engine coding skills

Fodders with Viagra

KNorton with blunts

Orion with assorted drugs

deadnail with assorted weaponry

Kat with assorted weaponry

Tarin with Editing skills


Gatewatcher with underage boy action figure. Boy figure has "screaming terror" action (arms raise, face looks terrified)

Julian with harem of women (all women action figures are wearing thongs and white bras ;)

Ralphis with Planet Doom articles he wrote himself

Captain Skippy with warezed Photoshop

Arioch with dagger


Lüt with NIN Albums ;)

Linguica with Hissy in cage

Linguica with DSL Extreme connection

Me with totally green paintjob

Me with toally orange paintjob

Dashiva with 5 pages of proxies (limited edtion, this thing gets banned really quick)

Covaro with News Script access

Mewse with pullstring (he says BOOYAKA)


Linguica with battle axe VS Carnevil with broad sword (comes with Hissy in cage)

Lüt with a finished copy of Millennium

Maonth with cigar

Well, what do you guys think? Feel free to think of your own and post them here.

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Change the NIN albums to KMFDM albums for Danarchist.

Here's some other suggestions:

Bigbadgangsta figure with Posthell diorama: All done tastily in orange, yellow and red tones. Inbuilt speaker plays "Ride of the Valkyries" when you press the trigger on BBG's super thread tractor beam cannon.

Fredrik with unfinished blueprints entitled "Vrack 4". Can morph into a giant blue-yellow troll.

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Super deluxe-action Liam the Hentai figure with Dildozer 9000 and a Naked Railgunner figure on a leash. Press the 'action button' to give RG some severe anal trauma!

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liam the bard dead with mechette in back. Railgunner and his railgun included.

More suggestions.
Linguica in a frying pan with oil.
Linguica as Dragon Sausage.
BBG as a fish surronded by hellish posts.
Liam having HIV and AIDS for being stupid (ass raping strait people with gay reppelent) for doing gay crap.
Newbies with the "Im a newbie!" button.
Slayer in a d'sparil costume.
Dsm with an enlarged brain for ideas.
Arioch stoned.
BBG stoned.
Pritch with ultra eye burst. The hearts shoot blood from the eyes!

And the ultra rare model of all of the famous and imfamous forum mods, users, and admins all lying dead in a bloody mess.

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me with 5000 idiotic and stupid action phrases.

Duker900 with super cloaking device

fraggle with idgames seach engine (internet conenction not included)

elbryan42 with game music tracks (created by himself)

the /er with 5000 "I hate zdoom" action phrases

Rubilacxe with wad ripping action

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What? No one added the special edition DooMBoy figurine that actually types up Fan Fiction stories that don't end suddenly, and have more than one chapter? :)

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nope, we simply have the helmet-less pullstring DooMBoy with 5000 dumbass phrases (helmet included) :P

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The government took the doomboy figure off the market. It had a braindamaging effect on kids. j/k


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Put me in there, damnit.

Give me a can of Carling and a pentagram.

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The Spike action figure should come with a miniature inflatable castle and should change color when it is hit violently (like being tossed into a wall).

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Tobester action figure, has a pull-string that causes Tobe to say, "I die a lot!" Also has a handy-dandy switch above said pull-string that causes Tobe's eyes to glaze over and his tongue to hang out, drooling saliva mingled with blood all over the floor!
It's the Blow Up Doll for 2002!

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I'm not in the list..
I figure an actionfigure of me with a nice hot chick would do good for me.

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Disorder said:
I'm not in the list..
I figure an actionfigure of me with a nice hot chick would do good for me.

What? Well if he gets that I what one of me with a big pile of cash!!
Ummm failing that, howabout one of me with my very own bed to hide under. hammer and sickal included!

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One of a kind action figure: The LorD BaZTArD extreme!

Me with Tower Case (with covers off) Strapped to back, armed with the Insane Rant power up and a gamecube disc launcher. :D

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Shaviro said:

The government took the doomboy figure off the market. It had a braindamaging effect on kids. j/k


Heh, classic.

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