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I forgot my zdaemon account password

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Hi,I'm a new user here and I need some help. Today I tried to login to my zdaemon account a wright the password and I was sure that was correct,but it said "Invalid password".I tried many times changing something,so i forgot what was the correct password.Now he says "Can't connect to master server".
Can anyone help me,please?

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

ZDaemon accounts are free and easy to create, within less than 15 seconds you can create a new one .

I know,but i have fear that if i create a new account called "SatanaInArte2" someone could think that im a fake.I know,it's a little stupid. :\

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Easiest way: create an alternate account, then contact AF-Domains and explain your situation to him.

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This happens to many users, no one will think you're a fake because it's such a common occurrence.

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