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Help making gzdoom auto load my hud

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Hey, hopefully I'm posting this question in the right place but I've been having trouble figuring out how to get gzdoom to auto load my hud (HXRTCHUD-DOOM_V1.2.PK3) when launching. I've found some descriptions of how to do this but nothing that went step by step. Just bits and pieces. Anyway I'm hoping someone here can help.

Also I wanted to say how awesome it is that this community still exists and is so active. Almost every thread I look at was posted in today. That's crazy. Also it's really good for me because I would beat my head against a wall trying to figure this out forever. :P

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Hey there,

Depending on your OS, you could do it via bash/batch script. You'd have to look up the specifics on how it works but that's an easy google search. It'd look something like gzdoom.exe -file HXRTCHUD-DOOM_V1.2.PK3

Failing this, I /think/ you can make a directory under your gzdoom directory called Skins and dropping that in there. It should autoload from there.

I'm sure someone will come along and say there's an easier way, but hopefully this helps :)

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Sweet editing the ini file worked. Thanks guys. Also sorry for leaving out so much info like my operating system and what I'd already tried. It's funny because I already had found that wiki page. I guess I didn't understand it the first time. Thanks again though.

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