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Switches & Sprites

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So i'm very very new to doom editing and currently making a wad containing 32 levels. I'm at 6 levels so far. Though my maps are getting really similar i'd love to put in some diversety.

Most of my maps are go from A to B - pick up key - open door finish level.

So my title is called switches and sprites, reason being.

I don't know how to make a door open by a switch. And i can't find any tutorial on youtube or google. So i'm pretty much lost.

I have a switch in my level

And i want it to open this door.

How do i manage to do that??

Also another thing. I'd love to add some custom sprites to my levels.

New monsters - And decoration maybe. How would you do that?

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What map format are you using? It determines how you create switches.

Doom format:
Switches for opening a door are their own actions. In the map editor, they'll have names prefixed by S1 or SR (S1 for switches that can only be activated once and then no more, SR for those that can be activated repeatedly); whereas manual doors have names prefixed by D1 or DR.

Take your door sector, give it a sector tag. Take your switch line, give it an SR action, and give it the tag of your sector. Now the switch is linked to the door.

Hexen format or UDMF-ZDoom:
Actions have no prefixes because you choose how they work and whether they're repeatable or not. Put the door raise or door open action on your switch line, give it appropriate values for opening speed and so on, and give it the sector tag of your door sector.

New monsters and decorations require to either sacrifice existing items and use dehacked (aka "the hard way") or target a port which has a content definition language allowing to, well, define new content. The most popular and widespread is DECORATE used in ZDoom et al.

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So i just tried some different otions.

I gave my door Identification 2
and my switch i gave S1 door open stay and give it Identification 2 as well. But when i press (E) on my switch it doesn't do anything

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If the switch is remotely activated you do not need to put actions on the lindefs for the door.

You do need to make the door SECTOR have the same tag as the linedef with the switch action though, not the linedefs that make up the door sector.

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I did that just now. The door doesn't have anything other than the TAG.
and the switch has the one S1 Door open stay.

Like here.



Problem is. When i run over to the switch it doesn't do anything.

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Go to Sector Mode, select the door's sector, and put tag 1 on the sector, not on the sector's neighboring linedefs in Linedef Mode.

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