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Why my ZDaemon account isn't is activated still?

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Named in thread but IDK if is it in the wrong thread or not.... but..... Why the ZDaemon Mods/admins still dosen't activate my account?....

I've just contacted to them but they didn't responded me or acticated my account like 1 month... Whats causing them to make them so much inactive?

If any ZDaemon users talks whats happening to the Mods/Admins in this thread.. can be here... i still i can't wait to post good things and stuff on ZDaemon..

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To be very fair, based on all your posting everywhere, I wouldn't activate your account either :( Sorry not sorry!

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Nevermind Mah Bois/Gurls....
My Account is now activated finally.... for the Mother God to add stuff and other things that are related up..

PS:i have now a huge headache.


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