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Spicy Cacodemon


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shotfan said:

Three channels I can recommend:

Martinoz O, who regularly does playthroughs of new mods.

TheUACveteran, who does the same.

And SpicyWaffle, whom I mentioned on this board recently. They are LP-ers that do mostly random (and violent) games, but they love Doom, and Corwin's playthroughs are really funny, if you are not turned off by somewhat crude humour.

Ah man, should have remembered UACveteran...

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I never forced so much my channel, not everywhere posted links on my videos and actually I don't do it anymore and for me it's quite shocking that last time i have over 500 views almost under each videos plus new and new subscribers i got every 2-3 days and i never thought that i could get over 200 subscribers ever.
I BLAME CHILLAX WAD. That stupid hardcore big bastard wad made me popular. I never will be the same as i was before... Damn it.

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Hey im new in this too,i have recently started to play and make videos, this is my first attemp. Now im learning about editing maps but i still follow making videos.

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Guest Unregistered account

So, I just stumbled across this while searching "Doom Construction Kit" (the editor) on YouTube...

I really want one of those, uh... prizes...

Seriously though, I recommend rayzik, joe-ilya and AXDoomer and AltimaMantoid(all of whom are on Doomworld).

Tatsurdcacocaco and Zero Master are the best speedrunners I've ever seen.

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