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The Doom Teleporter

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Item #: SCP-2354

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2354 is to be kept under guard of at least 14 Mobile Task Force Theta-93 ("Marines") soldiers at all times. A 2 kilometer perimeter is to be established from preventing any unauthorized access from personnel and civilians. Under no circumstances should SCP-2354-1 to undergo experimentation of any sort (Please see Log-1). For authorized access and further information, please see Dr. Delo at Site 26.

Description: SCP-2354 is a 8 story building of unknown origin. Inside the building, on Floor 6, lays SCP-2354-1, an object considered to be a extradimensional teleporter. Each Floor contains various forms of equipment, ranging from medical to military equipment, all marked with "UAC". SCP-2354-1 has a height and base of 2.4 meters and 1.4 meters respectively. The front side of SCP-2354-1 has a red cloud of [REDACTED], which has been confirmed to be the entryway. The back side consists of a titanium sheet covering SCP-2354-1's back side, with the markings "UAC". Further research is being held in the Cryptography Department.

Any information relating to SCP-2354-11, SCP-2354-12, SCP-2354-13, SCP-2354-14 and SCP-2354-15 has been withheld by the Overseer Council.


First test on SCP-2354-1: Whether SCP-2354-1 can travel to multiple places or to one specific area.

Subject: D-5993



-D-5993 asked to enter SCP-2354-1.
-D-5993 slips his hand into SCP-2354-1.
-D-5993 completely enters SCP-2354-1.
-Screams fill the testing area, not originating from D-5993.
-Unknown entity, SCP-2354-11, appears with a mangled D-5993.
-MTF-Theta-93 open fire at SCP-2354-11.
-SCP-2354-11 and D-5993 corpses collected for autopsy.


SCP-2354-11's corpse is amazingly strong. The immense muscles and its height might show that it could an apex predator. And the formation of the brain could mean it has the same IQ as humans. Why it is black or why it doesn't have eyes I do not know. Whatever D-5993 saw in there, it doesn't match the description of this thing. God, what a mess they did to him. -Dr. Delo

Excerpt from D-5993's recorder

This is fucked up. Rocks and... Blood... Everywhere... There's something over there... It's nasty, thin bloody limbs, some weird machine on its back, and two flask-shaped things on its shoulder and th-

(Unknown screech, lasting 3 seconds)

(Sounds of heavy breathing and moving footsteps, presumed to be D-5993)

(Unknown impact sound, mixed with splashes, crunches and D-5993's muffled scream)

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And why Mars? I don't wish to go COMPLETELY like Doom (plagiarism)

Bits of SCP and bits of Doom. No more. No less.

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