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Doom 2016 Forum Rules - BETA CONTENT IS ALLOWED

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OK guys seriously, this is happening more and more. If you wanna post leaked crap and very obviously copyright/NDA breaking videos, take it elsewhere.

29th March Edit: Content from the beta is hitting the interwebs, despite it not starting for a couple of days. Have at it, I don't care.

At least, it does at the moment, and I'd rather not have it shitted up by retards.

This is a forum dedicated to an unreleased game, with very little info out there.


1. If you're going to post something about the game, please post your sources. No baseless speculation allowed. On top of that, people generally will want to read any new released information first hand.

2. If you don't like the idea of a new Doom game which isn't like Doom 1 or 2, don't post in here. Doom 2016, like Doom 3, will not be the same as the games you played when you were young. Don't shit up the forum with random hate.

3. Stay on topic. There will be large periods with no new information at all about Doom 2016. For instance, at least until QuakeCon there will be nothing at all, I would guess.
We have other forums for Classic Doom, Doom 3, General Stuff, Personal crap and Stupid Shit. Try not to end up in the last one.

4. All general DW Forum Rules still apply.

That should be all the rules that are needed.. if someone does something retarded that I didn't think of, I'll add more.

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