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Inside DOOM’s Brutally Fast Single-Player Campaign [Bethesda Article]

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Here's the link

What I got from it.

The Player Progression system allows for:

Stackable temporary speed boosts from Glory Kills
Faster movement
Faster weapon switches
Faster weapon mod switches
Greater radius for picking up health and ammo
Can change your ‘perk’ like choices per level
Chainsaw fuel isn’t as common as ammo drops from killed demons, but you get more drops from Demons by killing them with the chainsaw.

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"Yeah u know, enemies drop items and stuff, our game is fast and gory and..." FFS BETHESDA GIVE US SOME NEW INFO, GAMEPLAYS/SCREENSHOTS ANYTHING.

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"Naturally, DOOM does everything it can to keep the player moving. For starters, there is no reloading. And ammo is relatively plentiful… as long as you keep moving and killing. (That’s where Glory Kills come in; they’re not just a brutally fun finishing move, but they also cause enemies to drop more ammo and health.) In short, Stratton tells us, you should never be afraid to use all your guns. The only real way to run short on ammo is to power through trying to use only one gun. “Use the tool that’s best for the situation,” Stratton advises. “If you only have 10 rockets left, you don’t have to save them. Screw that. Use your rockets.”

“If you find yourself low on ammo, look for an enemy to kill with a Chainsaw,” Stratton says. Or, as Martin suggests, make sure you have some fuel for your Chainsaw before you enter an arena area. That way, if you’re leaning on a powerhouse like the Rocket Launcher, you can always whip out the Chainsaw and rip up some low-level fodder in order to resupply. “Think of it as a utility knife to get more ammo whenever you need it,” Martin suggests.

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