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A Good Day Mapping

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I accomplished two things I was trying to get done. One is good, two is better.
I got the scripted door to work and figured out what to do with an area that I needed but did not like.

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Spicy Cacodemon said:

@EClydeDeebo how did you create the hill in the foreground?

Hey Spicy,

I use GZDoombuilder. I did a search and the method that I used came up on youtube.

There are several video tutorials on youtube. None are great that I have watched and some of the guys go too fast and there is no verbal explanation.

What it came done to was a couple points. Which way the line faced and the tag.

This is the one I used


There are terrain generators out there but for small projects this guy's method works well. Once completed the vertices can be dragged. One can also do depressions.

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EClydeDeebo said:

I use GZDoombuilder... *follows on describing cool ingame features*

Availability of these features has nothing to do with the map editor you're using. These features are possible because certain advanced source ports (mainly ZDoom) support them, and you as the mapper are only helped by choosing an appropriate editing configuration in your editor that makes them conveniently visible and usable. The features depend on 1) map format and 2) the source port that the map will be played in. All editors that support a given map format (and map formats are only 3) are equal in potentially available ingame features that you can add to your map through using this editor. Properly made and properly chosen editing configurations only make it easier and more convenient to edit maps with those features in mind, but they're not necessary out of principle. Anyway, pretty much all modern editors provide you with editing configurations for ZDoom-specific mapping, so even that is not something specific to a particular editor.

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I currently use ZDoom/GZDoom and Doom Builder 2. I noticed I can make slopes easily with action 181 - Plane Align (slope). For some weird reason I thought slope sectors needed to be quadrilateral and perhaps could only have straight lines but I see now that's not the case. Now if only curved sloped were available via a mod :/ .

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scifista42 said:

Availability of these features has nothing to do with the map editor you're using.

You could put spiraling monkees typing on IBM Selectrics while on a platform in the ocean into a source port. The feature means nothing if it can't be accessed so the editor gets more credit then you are willing to give

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