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Polybump - not exactly DOOM III related but still suits the subj

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Today I went to Crytek site to see if X-Isle benchmark released sometime ago was available for download. As it turned out, it wasn't, but i still found it somewhere else :)

Anyway, what I did notice was a preview of the polybump technology discussed here recently which is very much alike to the technology id are using for DOOM III.

It was released yesterday and can be download here:

Note: obviously, download the preview and not the 3dsmax plugin. Instructions to use the progie are in the readme file.

Three examples are available, each one presented in high-poly and low-poly in a single window which makes it easier to spot the differences.

While the difference is barely noticable on the first two examples(two generators), the third example truly shows how awful the technology can be (human face is shown), check it out for youself and see how right I am.

I know that DOOM III won't be anything near that third example level of quality, but god it looks awful compared to the high-poly human face shown in the same window.

The developers obviously can be blamed for this, but it sure as hell ruined my impressions of the technology and made me doubt of it's functionality.

I forgot to mention that to run this program, u require a card supporting Pixel & Vertex shaders (GF3/GF4/ATI8500).

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WOW! New forum! :)

Seriously though, I'm very glad such a forum exists now, there is one intresting thingie I will post here soon so stay tuned!

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