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Playing all of the Cacowards maps, in chronological order

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So I unintentionally skipped the "10 years of WADs" section from the 10th anniversary page, but I'll be getting to that soon. I did, however, intentionally skip the first entry on the first Cacowards, "Action Doom." I've played it before and to be honest I'm not too keen on the Contra-style one-hit-kill system, which hurt an otherwise stellar experience. So I'm starting with "Decade," the second entry, instead.

Holy crap, did I miss out on a gem. Beautifully designed map that snaps together a number of memorable architectural moments from Doom 1 and 2, into one giant map that keeps pushing you forward instead of creating a labyrinthine clusterfuck, although it does have a fair amount of classic backtracking. Very tasteful use of Zdoom that reimagines familiar layouts in a very sexy way. I'm also impressed by the enemy placement, as you can bum rush several areas at a time, unleashing a huge amount of enemies which you then have to dispatch. You can really stir things up if you want, which I enjoy.

COMING UP NEXT: After finishing up Decade, I'll backpedal a bit and check out each of the "10 years of WADs" maps.

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I'm still finishing up Decade. It's absolutely mammoth. It's really interesting in that it borrows from a number of highly memorable sections from Doom 1/2, rather than trying to string entire levels together.

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Decade was a bust. The boss fight to grab the yellow key ended up eating every last bit of ammo I had, no matter the strategy. It really killed the experience because everything leading up to it was well balanced. So it remains unfinished.

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