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Uploaded wad (Deloran)

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So it was my 1st time doing it and i had some trouble getting into the FTP. And i haven't received an email from them. So i think i might have typed my email in the wrong way. I can see it's in the folder i uploaded it to. I uploaded it yersterday.

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That's weird. I uploaded it yersterday. And read all the rules for uploading so it should be fine. Hmm

There was another map in there as well it's also removed from Incomming.

This is really weird.
I don't hope i did anything wrong. It was there yersterday

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Last time I was uploading something to /idgames, the principle was that wads uploaded to /incoming were soon after moved into an inaccessible directory /holding until the uploader sent a confirmation email to the archive maintainer, and if the uploader didn't do so within 7 days, the files got rejected.

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Ohhh. I thought i had to wait for an email confirmation from the arhchive. Thanks for clearing that up.

Yep i did it wrong. I didn't use the TxT generator. Uploading it again.

I found this

Thu Feb 18 23:04:47 EST 2016 Rejected Deloran.rar because: not zipped
Thu Feb 18 23:04:47 EST 2016 Rejected Deloran.txt because: not zipped

Both the wad and txt file was in a Rar achieve.
what more should i do? how do i zip it?

I just created a winrar archive put both the wad file and text file it in and uploaded it. And uploaded a seperate txt file as said in the rules.


I found out. I just downloaded 7zip and made a new archieve with that.

Let's see if it goes through now.

(Edit 2)

No more it is. Found out winrar has 2 forms of zipping.

1 Is just a rar and another is a zip.

Now i got it right. :) sorry for the misunderstanding guys.

Thanks for your time though.

Thread can be deleted

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