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1st map ever (Deloran)

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Everything done is mostly self taught. I had some questions in here which some really nice people were nice help me with.

As my 1st map i think it's a rather nicely done map. Not too big but not too small either.

My maps doesn't have backtracking. In which i really like about and heard some pretty good things about. The wad overall took me 5 days to comeplete and is now up. I'm trying to get it into the doom directory but for now i can show it off here.

Please leave a comment on what you think about it. I really appreciate it.

1 last thing that is really needed.

I built the wad for it to work together with brutal doom & project brutality.

I have not done any real testing in the normal Vanilla doom.

So it's a must play with either

)Project brutality which i recommend( or ) Brutal doom (

Thank you -


DL Link



There's a .WAD and a DBS

I highlight Deloran.WAD and Doleran.DBS and which ever mod and put it ontop of what ever source port i'm using.

I don't know what the DBS is for honestly. It plays the same with and without it anyway.


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Sorry 1st time posting. The other thread isn't for the map to download it was a question. Will add screenshots soon. Sorry about that.

Screenshots added. Those screenshots are only a tiny bit of what it really is. :) Leave a comment on what you think of it. And what i can do better.

The maps get better and better for 1 reason only. And that's because the further i came in the more knowledge i had.

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DBS file is "Doom Builder Setup", a configuration file for your mapping editor. Loading it in a source port has no effect, and distributing it with your wad is needless.

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