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Addressing Freedoom's Lack of Art Direction

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Why not take inspiration from the faked D!Zone screenshots?

While we're on the subject of lack of direction, I think Freedoom would benefit from an appointed panel of quality control guys that can accept/reject submissions. It's not something people will want to hear and it will hurt some feelings, but the reason people aren't submitting good maps or resources is because there isn't any incentive to.

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chungy and doctor nick are already doing the role of quality control. they have rejected assets and also made suggestions on how to improve them. even when they are not involved artists in the community like jmike66666 often give feedback.

about the lack of maps i think mappers are right to not want to map for an iwad that still needs a lot of improvement in its resource department. i dont know if more mappers will be interested in freedoom once the assets have been overhauled, but for now i wouldnt blame mappers for not wanting to submit theyre work

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