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Who wants to design a 2 person coop with me?

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The vision:

Two Doomers are outside a US Military Base that has been overtaken by Hell. Who you gonna call?

A la Doom the, the rest writes itself.

I want this to be a big map. You start out killing Former Human's. You start to get sick of your pistol. As you open the door to another long corridor and you see Sargent and you think of how sweet it will be to get that shotgun. SUDDENLY! Imps! As you mow them down you are empty if you wouldn't have missed the first two times you shot at the Sargent you'd only have to punch the last Imp once. You're low on Health, but you now have a shotgun. ...but only 4 shells. You open a door and see an army of Hell's minions. Stealth is your friend. At least until you can find a few more shells. There has got to be some shells around here!

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I'm going to be THAT guy but heh, before you start requesting help on a super cool project you may have, please make sure you have something to share before (Screenshots, videos, anything really). There are tons of project that never end up seeing the light of day because of that.

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