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New Eternity feature discussions

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A thing state that was missing in Eternity and has been requiring hacks to be customizable: user-specified frames to jump to from A_VileChase when resurrecting a monster. Currently everything just goes to archvile's S_VILE_HEAL1 and you can use thing variables (exposed as "counters") combined with 0 duration to reroute the frames.

So I decided to implement a new thingtype EDF field: raiseotherstate. Default value is S_NULL. The monster will jump to this frame when the VileChase codepointer encounters a corpse. If the value is S_NULL, it will actually go to S_VILE_HEAL1, which is the default Doom behaviour. It uses the Decorate label name Heal, same as in ZDoom, for easy mod copy-paste compatibility.

Please tell me if the name bothers you and if I should just use something like "healstate" instead. I chose "raise other" because healing here is a misnomer; it doesn't just heal, it totally resurrects.

Must I also add Dehacked support for it?

Currently it is not yet included in the trunk release; I'd rather announce and discuss it first.

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Awesome, thanks for adding this! "Healstate" might be a better naming choice I think, as "raiseotherstate" is a bit unwieldy, though it's admittedly not the hugest issue.

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OK, I guess I'll just go with "healstate" just to be symmetrical. Then I'll probably push it to trunk/master.

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OK, it has been uploaded. Expect it in the next DRDTeam release.

What is new:
* healstate property of thingtype EDF block.
* equivalent to the Heal label of DECORATE state syntax.
If not set, it will default to S_VILE_HEAL1.

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