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Interactive Objects in Doom '16 ?

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Just like those from Doom 3, we could use them to call lifts, trains, download datas, and even turn on lights (Caverns chapter), Cabinets locked by codes, Ladders ... etc, it was a Nice element in Doom 3, it would be cool if they make a return in the New doom .

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I thought the gravity gun from Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was a cool concept. But it rarely saw use outside of the odd haphazard imp fireball deflection. I'd like to see better use of physics in Doom 2016. Perhaps a gravity gun that could lift monsters at low health and throw them into walls to splatter and kill them. The gravity gun should be really fast to switch to so you can easily catch and deflect projectiles. It was a bit awkward even in that sense in Doom 3. Also, short puzzles involving gravity and physics would be cool. Perhaps some platforming at heights as well like in the classic Doom games.

Also, Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 should return somewhere. It HAS to. It's a legend!

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