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The /newstuff Chronicles #1

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5 WADs for you guys in this first weekly wrapup of the new files on CDROM.COM:

  • Deathmatch Incarnate 2 by Stephen Noonan - A Doom2-based deathmatch level by fUnKyMoNk, with four deathmatch start locations. The action pretty much takes place in one open area. It has no BFG or Plasma Gun to speak of, which may be considered a plus to some DOOMers. It shows off some impressive architecture and lighting effects, and it even has a few new textures. Overall, it should make for a good deathmatch.
  • Deathmatch Incarnate 7 by Stephen Noonan - Another quality deathmatch level by Stephen. This one is a little more complex than DI2, depicting a medieval-style castle out at sea. More new textures, high-quality architecture, and traditionally, no Plasma or BFG. Despite what the text file says, there is no new music, and the level plays on MAP07, not MAP01.
  • Stadel by Rick Clark - Wildman releases a quick level for Doom2. Some new textures, some 3D floors, and no big monsters. A fairly nice looking level. Good playability. Requires EDGE.
  • Fortress of the Damned by Dave Jessop - One giant rectangle-shaped, fortress-themed level for Doom2. In its standard single-player mode, this level turns out to be painfully boring. For 6 months of work, this WAD doesn't quite meet my expectations.
  • Pokemon Stadium Featuring Mario by John D. Corrado - This ZDoom/Legacy graphics WAD allows the Marine to wear one of two new skins: Pikachu, or Mario. It even has some new music, and a few new sounds. It should be entertaining deathmatch for some Nintendo fans.

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