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The /newstuff Chronicles #2

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Seven more wads for you to chew on in this weekly dose of Newstuff.

  • Hello! by Hello Software - A 14-level WAD for Doom2. A few new sounds. No new music, but there are a few weapons and sprites from Duke Nukem 3D. This game is meant to be used with a Dehacked patch, but is still quite playable without it. Fairly good level design. Great for cooperative play. Not recommended for deathmatch.
  • Dsv by Samuel A. Villarreal - This is a 32-level Doom2 megawad for Boom/ZDoom. It includes a bunch of new weapons. A few monsters from Heretic and Hexen are pulled and plugged into this WAD. It also has a few new sounds. Although most of the music is replaced, most of it comes from Final DOOM. While the levels in this WAD aren\'t top-notch quality by any means, they aren\'t all that bad either. Be warned, though; this author seems to take an unusual liking to the Hall Of Mirrors effect. Overall, this huge WAD should be somewhat enjoyable.
  • Harris11 by Lawrence Harrison - Nothing too fancy. A quick, one-map WAD for Ultimate DOOM. Even in its hard skill setting, this level is fairly easy going. Even though somewhat quick, this level is nice to play. For a beginning attempt, it shows a glimmer of promise.
  • Capture the Castle, The 3rdblood by Chris Sobotkiewicz - This Doom2-based deathmatch is a little bit too wide for your typical one-on-one. The more players the better is pretty much the signature of this WAD. Its castle has some interesting flickering-light effects. Of course, there\'s plenty of outdoor room if you\'re into that kind of thing. Should be good for 6 to 8 players.
  • Doom Classic 5: Mars outpost by Anthony Soto - To many, this is what a DOOM level should be. A single map, running on E2M5. This level is successful in recreating the true feel of DOOM. This is a wonderful fear-induced level. There are no big monsters, but health runs low, and the ratio of monsters to ammo available is balanced superbly, especially on Ultra-Violence. Well worth a download.
  • Forgotten Base Special Edition by Tarin - Four quality deathmatch levels made for ZDoom and Skulltag. As well as providing entertaining deathmatch level design, there\'s some neat special effects tucked into this WAD. Things like flaming computers, thick fog, spinning fans, and sliding doors are incorporated. All-around good quality.
  • Khazad-dum by Philippe Lesire - A single map for Heretic inspired by the famous series of books known as "Lord of the Rings". This is a fairly good-sized level. With a new music track to go along with it, this level has some definite atmosphere. The dark, musty caverns of a mountain is well portrayed. Heretic fans should find themselves mildly entertained.

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