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The /newstuff Chronicles #24

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We have been gifted with three new DOOM-related packages, all wrapped up and presented to you in our weekly gazette listing all the new things in Newstuff.

  • Kye by Kye Rolins - A single map for Doom 2. As it is, this is a first-attempt level for this author, using the help of a relative. Yes, this map is pretty much flat. No change in light levels. Somewhat random texture placement. Still, the playability is decent. Lots and lots of little pellet-shooting monsters to mow down. And just enough ammunition to finish off the big boss which comes about 2/3 of the way through the map. It's good for a first try!
  • RTC_Marine's Sounds Volume I by Russell Rice - Some sounds and music for DOOM or Doom 2. A few new sounds, all replacing those of weapons. Two new music files, for Map01 and Map02, with no real substance to them. That's about it.
  • Continuous Wave by Raphael Cheney - One of the most interesting and unique maps we've seen in a long time! This one a single map for Ultimate DOOM, E1M1. Winding and wandering your way through this puzzling, Morse-Code marked map, for what seems like an eternity, you can battle your way through the many monsters, or choose to play with no monsters at all, by picking skill level 1 or 2. A few puzzles, a real workout for your brain!

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