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The /newstuff Chronicles #26

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Six new WAD's have been presented to us, all brought together in our neat little weekly package, containing short descriptions of the new DOOMish things uploaded to CDROM.COM.

  • The Prison by Stephen Nicholas - A three-level hub for Doom 2. The level design is mostly simple, with very little detail. Some areas are copied right out of DOOM and Doom 2 maps. There are many puzzles in this WAD, most of them utterly confusing, and difficult to figure out. Requires ZDoom.
  • Reol Tough: Death Fest 2000 by George Fiffy - Four levels for Doom 2! The map design in this WAD seems pretty good. Good detail. It's very clean, and it looks nice overall. Each map has its own atmosphere, so it doesn't feel redundant. The first map is doable, but the levels become increasingly difficult afterward. Overall, four nice levels.
  • Ash To Ash by Virgil - This is an incredibly amazing level for Doom 2. Not only does it have great detail, fine architecture, and plenty of eye candy... This thing is huge! There are plenty of monsters, and at times the challenge can seem a bit overwhelming. But if anyone can actually bear to complete this level, start to finish, I will be amazed. Requires BOOM.
  • Duke Nukem by Ruddy Palacios - A very simple WAD for Doom 2. The graphics for the DOOM Space Marine are replaced with Duke Nukem. Mainly for multiplayer usage. Enhanced DOOM port required.
  • Gnosis by Ruddy Palacios - Here's a refreshing change for many DOOMers out there! One map for Hexen. This level uses many of the original Hexen scripts and effects. Map design is well done. Texture placement is good. This map has most of, if not all of the ingredients of an enjoyable, classic-styled map. It is a challenging map, however. Expect some fights and some puzzles.
  • Ice Station Alpha by Various Authors - A single map for Doom 2, running on Map02. Don't give your hopes up on playing this map, since a missing floor texture will be a major hamper on your journey of playing this map without a port. If you do manage to overlook this error, this map is quite a challenge. A well-lit space base, with tons and tons of monsters. This map is mostly 90°, and not much in the way of detail. And of course, because of the missing texture, we all know the reason for this line; Enhanced DOOM port required.

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