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The /newstuff Chronicles #29

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Nine new WAD files are brought to us, in our weekly presentation of the new DOOM-related things uploaded to CDROM.COM.

  • Legions Of Hell by John Gaughan - Seven well-designed maps for Doom 2. These aren't incredible in detail. However, they do provide a constant trickle of monsters, and the gameplay of constantly peeking around corners without having to feel overwhelmed. They get progressively more difficult, with the completion of the final level leaving you feeling satisfied. These levels are each somewhat short, usually taking only a few minutes to finish, and the theme is a balanced mix of indoor and outdoor.
  • Bleed For Life by Cast Draling - One map for Doom 2! This one has some incredible detail! Amazing light work. Architecture which is right up with the premium. The monster fight can be a challenge, though! Barons and Revenants in tight corners. Ammo supplies dwindling. And when you get out in the open, lots and lots of monsters! It can be overwhelming, but not impossible. The eye-candy is the big thing with this WAD. Enhanced DOOM port recommended.
  • Cult Pit by Templar - Another single map for Doom 2. This one taking on more of an outdoor theme, however. Not too much detail. A few really big monsters, and not really enough ammunition to dispatch all of them. Seems to be best played using cheat codes, although I wouldn't recommend developing such a habit.
  • Flay The Obscene - The Third by Christian Hansen - One map for Doom 2, running on Map15. This isn't your ordinary map! This map has great detail. An amazing variety of light levels, height levels, and color. An intriguing level, with a complicated path to the finish line. Very difficult, however. Monsters abounding from every direction. Tough monsters right from the start. A price is to be paid for such great artistics. Enhanced DOOM port required.
  • Fort Plasma by Jerry Neighbors - Another single map for Doom 2, this one a deathmatch level! Mostly square, with a simple castle in the middle. Some towers, a very shallow moat, and a very large playing area.
  • Trust by Tommie Quick - An amazing ambient WAD for Doom 2! If you like DOOM, and you like Half-Life, this is definitely for you. The WAD plays out very much like Half-Life. Talk to the guards, gain access to areas. No fighting at first, then, a little bit of combat, as it slowly heats up. Ammo balance is absolutely amazing! You will find yourself scrounging for ammunition, wondering how you're going to survive, thinking "Boy, I'd really love a chainsaw right about now." Lots of ambient sounds. Beautiful outdoor areas. Lots of variety in the atmosphere. Some new sounds and graphics from Half-Life, and Duke Nukem 3D. And of course, lots of DOOM content as well. One of the most enjoyable WADs put out in a long time. It's hard to put it down! Requires ZDoom.
  • Corridor 7 TC Resource Files by Cacodemon Leader - A little more downbeat this time. Just a WAD with some graphics, sounds, and one music replacement. Most of the graphics are sprite renders of Caleb from the PC title "Blood". A few macho-tough-guy voice sounds, and a title replacement graphic. It is a resource WAD, after all. Update: Evidently, there are no graphics from Blood. However, there are new graphics.
  • Doom The Dark Project by Nigel Rowand - One very moody and entertaining map for Doom 2. You start out in the dark, empty streets. Nothing around but a few monsters. You make your way into the dank dark, green sewers, and then so it goes from there. This map has quite a bit of nice detail. Some new sounds, a bunch of new graphics, and a quiet music replacement which seems very fitting. Yet another entertaining title. Requires ZDoom.
  • Enjay Blake Stone Skins by Nigel Rowand - A much more simple way to finish off our week. Five skins for DOOM or Doom 2, all of them from the classic Wolfenstein 3D clone, Blake Stone. Enhanced DOOM port required.

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