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The /newstuff Chronicles #33

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Seven new DOOMish goodies which have been released over the past week are brought together in the 33rd edition of our weekly presentation of the new things found in Newstuff.

  • Selfish Series 1 by Paul Corfiatis - Three levels for Doom 2. Each of them previously released, now merged into this WAD with three new music replacements. If you choose to start out on Ultra-Violence skill without cheating, then you will find yourself out of ammo soon, as these levels are much more challenging than one can reasonably expect a level to be. Still, these maps show off some true non-linear design, good detail and light work, with some clean, colorful areas. Music best listened to on cheaper synthesizers.
  • Vrack 2 by Fredrik Johansson - Architecturally, this map is a masterpiece. Some superhuman breathtaking detail, spread out over this monster of a level. Taking place on some space storage base, this level throws enough monsters and lifedefs at you to make your computer squeal and beg for mercy. If the number of monsters in the various areas weren't so bounteous, this could have been a thoroughly enjoyable level. Still, an exquisite masterpiece, and a commonly-used musical replacement. Enhanced DOOM port required.
  • Pik by Cosmic Wraith - Seven levels for Doom 2, all sporting the same theme; amateur. A slew of textures used mostly randomly. Nearly no changes in light levels at all. Medium-sized monsters used right from the very start. Square rooms, 90° lines throughout. Not to say that it isn't a good effort, but it probably wouldn't hold anyone's attention very long.
  • Temple Of Blood by John Wantland - One map for Doom 2. The documentation claims that this map is really, really bad. Although, it's not as horrible as you would think. Textures are used in at least somewhat of a theme. Lighting is used reasonably well. There is some decent architecture thrown in. Yes, the map is mostly square. And yes, it has mazes. And yes, there are hoards of monsters; so much so that making it through without cheating is probably impossible. But overall, we've seen much worse.
  • The Killhouse by Ilkka Kunttu - A single map for Doom 2, this level shows qualities that many other maps seem to have lost lately. Taking place in a cramped metal-wooden house, this mostly-square level will have you retracing your steps many times, so you may find yourself becoming more and more familiar with the areas. This is contrary to the modern map which can be really huge, with lots of detail, but you can't appreciate it because it goes by you in a flash. Also, a challenging map, where it's really best to conserve your ammo.
  • Slarty by Andrew Mckie - Eight deathmatch levels for Doom 2, along with some replaced graphics and sounds from various sources. At first glance, you'll know that these maps are intended for Deathmatch, seeing that most of them mirror themselves in all four directions. Most of them are monster-free, although some of them have their inhabitants. As for the map design, some interesting variety in these levels. They all have the same SCI-FI feel, and some of them have some pretty good detail.
  • The Axix by Vedert - Here we have one map for Doom 2, another gigantic wonder! Like most huge levels, this one has more than its share of monsters, which are quite disproportionate to the weapons and ammunition provided. The map starts off with smaller monsters, then eventually works its way up to mid-to-large size monsters. As for the theme of the map itself, it's a UAC base map with your usual storyline. Enhanced DOOM port required.

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