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Making GZDoom feel like DOS Doom?

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Is there a way I can make GZDoom feel like old, classic, DOS Doom by adjusting some settings and such?

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There's this.

Can you explain what exactly you want? What do you mean by "feel"?

If you mean authenticity, there are better ports for that, like Chocolate, Crispy, and PrBoom-Plus. Eternity and Odamex, despite neither emulating DOS memory, are still more accurate than GZDoom, partially on account of the ability to play vanilla demo recordings.

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when i use gzdoom i usually turn off the filtering and set adjust sprite offsets to always, but youre still going to have horrendous clipping and parts of the sprites that should be on the ground will be floating, so i usually prefer zdoom over gzdoom, unless the map or mod needs gzdoom

gooberman is working on something that may take care of the visual aspects

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