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Tech Gone Bad for Sega 32x Doom

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This map replaces the original MAP08.

Map is also included in PC WAD format (you need a 32x doom texture pack in order to edit it properly !) It also works on Everydrive.

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/dxgtsxf5cl8qmmu/Tech__32x.rar

Note: It´s not very big compared to the original- there are just 45 monsters and 3 secrets.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXfx3LzUZio official gameplay

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So this is what the new E1M8 would look like if it was part of the JagDoom map set.

If Tech Gone Bad is made into a PSX Doom Lost Levels...level, it should be a conversion of this version, considering how (with the exception of E2M8 and the E4 levels) all of the Doom levels in the PSX port come from the JagDoom map set.

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I feel like I would have cut back on different things, I hardly recognized it at first. Interesting though!

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Played this on pc by renaming map08 to e1m8 and using the jaguar doom tc. Despite sw2star being in the jaguar doom tc wad and showing on its own, it fails to show that texture with this wad in use. Aside from that everything looks right, which can be more than said for just running it with the unmodified iwad.

Playing this feels surreal. Some areas are recognizable from the original, while others (like the opening section) simply aren't.

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