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Da Eediot

How Do You Rename In Game Weapons?

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You know how when you switch to a different weapon in Doom, it's name pops up? Is there a way to change that? For example, I changed the rocket launcher into a flare gun and I want to change the text that pops up when I switch to it.

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I assume you're talking about the pickup message that shows up in a log when you pick up the weapon, because I don't know of anything that would display a weapon's name when you simply switch to it, unless it's a specific of some gameplay mod that you're using.

In ZDoom's DECORATE, the pickup message is defined by Inventory.PickupMessage property of the respective weapon. Sometimes the value of this property starts with a '$' character, then it references a string defined in LANGUAGE lump. You can change the pickup message of your weapon either by changing Inventory.PickupMessage to a custom text or LANGUAGE string, or by changing the LANGUAGE string it originally references.

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