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Requesting Layout Critique >_> [With Download Link]

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Hi there!

I've been working on a map for a little bit aimed at small scale DM matches. I haven't really finished it, I'm still blocking it out, but I was wondering if anyone with more experience than I have could critique the layout of the map thusfar. I plan to start blocking out the 'base' location on the south part of the map there, but you can see where those parts connect already.

A note about my shorthand: the ROCK textures are going to be naturalized areas, the bricks and marble will be feeding into a temple style atmosphere while the bronze textured areas will be tech base-like. I'm still kind of inexperienced at creating maps, but I have a solid theme in the back of my head that I think will look awesome once done but won't stand up without a decent layout to make it sing.

Any help would be appreciated!

Also, please ignore the horribad mess of the water area's sector work, I'll fix it eventually >_>;;

Screenshots were taken with 120 FOV

There's going to be some more vertical variation in the 'base' area, but this is what I had in mind for the general layout. I was trying to finish up the rest of the layout before I posted it, but I'm pretty close to it so here we are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nH1ANA14lbbGt3NTRFeld5SE0/view?usp=sharing

Thoughts would be welcome!

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I'm not the best source of knowledge on this, but since no one else is replying to this, I'll bite.

I like the layout as-is (taking into consideration what you said about where this is thus far) with the outside area. The bridges and raised platform seem like they'd be highly risky areas to be, though maybe highly contested too. I also like how the lower path doubles back around so that if that area is highly contested, attackers have more options. I'd like to see the inside area made a little bigger, though at the same time the map is certainly big enough for a small DM.

I hope there will be either a teleporter, a lift, or at least a damaging floor below the helipad because I couldn't find a way out and what a way for a DM to begin: "Shit, I fell. Hey guys, can one of you kindly kill me so I can have a chance at making you lose?..." heh. At least that's how it'd happen in my mind.

I know you said the texturing and detailing isn't done yet, so I won't comment on the misaligned textures or the areas that didn't look finished. Well, aside from that one... and that one, and that one...

Sorry, but in all seriousness there's not much I can tell you beyond what I've already said; I wish I could be of more use but you need a player that does a lot more DM than I do.

Still, keep detailing it and the new screenies that come will attract more people :) I like the atmosphere you have so far!

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