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TTC Doom Nukem version 1.4

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Introducing TTC Doom Nukem, a Duke Nukem 3D mod in which you as Duke Nukem battle through the levels of Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom, fighting against a mixture of aliens and demons. Featuring weapons from Doom, Doom 2, and Shadow Warrior, and new power-ups and items. There was an earlier version in my previous post on the TC, but this one is an updated version with a few updates and a couple new levels, two of which replaced the ones in the older version.

This mod runs on vanilla Duke and requires the Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition.

Download - https://www.mediafire.com/?zef2a3eedgz2252



Only the new weapons will be mentioned here.

Uzi (Shadow Warrior): Your starting weapon. It is good for gunning down weak enemies like troopers, but you'll need a better weapon for the more tougher enemies. Functions just like the Pistol. Uzis themselves pack 48 rounds, while ammo clips contain 12. You can carry a maximum of 200 rounds.

Shotgun (Doom/Doom2): This weapon would be the most widely-used. It packs a more powerful punch than the Uzi, but takes time to reload. It is just the same as the regular Shotgun of Duke Nukem 3D. Shotguns carry 10 shells, while boxes carry 20. There are also small packs of 4 shells.

Chaingun Cannon (Duke Meets Doom 2): A really neat weapon that eats rapidly away at your bullets, dispatching groups of enemies at once, similar to the Ripper. Packs carry 50 bullets and a maximum of 200 can be carried.

Rocket Launcher (Doom/Doom 2): Delivers a lethal explosion that blows up enemies upon impact, but be careful not to use it in close combat. It's just the same as the RPG weapon. Packs carry 5 rockets and can find some single rockets. The Rocket Launcher can carry a maximum of 50 rockets.

BFG10000: It's just the Shrinker, but modified to be the BFG10000. The ultimate weapon to use when you're in a pinch, but it carries a very small amount of ammo. The BFG10000 only has 1 shot while the crystals will give you 2. A total of 5 shots can be carried.

Plasma Rifle: Replaces the Freezethrower. This will rapidly fire rounds of plasma energy, frying the enemies until they are gibbed. The rifles carry 40 shots while the packs carry 20, and you can carry a maximum of 300 shots.

Powerups and items

Some of the new powerups and items will be described.

Health Potions (Doom/Doom 2): Aside from the stimpacks and medikits, health potions replenish 1%.

Soul Sphere (Doom/Doom 2): Replaces the Atomic Health, getting these rare blue superchargers will restore 100% of health and can take it as high as 200%.

Green/Blue Armour/Armour Shards (Doom/Doom 2):The regular green armour gives you 50% while the combat blue armour gives you 100%. Shards give you 1% armour.

Radiation Suit (Doom 2): Replaces the Protective Boots. The radiation suit will allow you to get across toxic, hot, or other harmful surfaces, but have a limited wear cycle.


You'll encounter a mixture of aliens from Duke Nukem 3D and demons from Doom. Some of the enemies will behave quite differently while others almost function the same. Most of them (particularly the aliens) are meant to stand in for the corresponding monsters in Doom/Doom 2.

Zombieman = Assault Trooper
Shotgun Guy = Assault Captain
Heavy Weapon Dude = Enforcer
Hell Knight = Gunner (tougher version of the Enforcer)
Baron of Hell = Protector Drone
Spider Mastermind/Cyberdemon = Battlelord/Mini-Battlelord
Cyberdemon (E2M8 boss) = The Cycloid Emperor

The Episodes and Levels

Episode 1: Evil Unleashed
E1L1: Into The Fire - Ultimate Doom E2M1
E1L2: Technology Lab - Ultimate Doom E2M4
E1L3: Command Center - Ultimate Doom E2M5
E1L4: Research Facility - Ultimate Doom E2M7
E1L5: The Battlelord Awaits! - Ultimate Doom E4M8
E1L6: The Cesspool - Ultimate Doom E4M9
E1L7: Ballistyx (DukeMatch only) - TNT Map26 (DM area)

Episode 2: Project Tiberius
E2L1: Shuttle Bay - Doom 2 Map04
E2L2: Open Season - TNT Map06
E2L3: Refueling Base - Doom 2 Map10
E2L4: Khaki Station - Doom 2 Map11
E2L5: Tiberius Moonbase - TNT Map15
E2L6: Crater - TNT Map12
E2L7: Nukage Processing - TNT Map13
E2L8: Mill - TNT Map18
E2L9: Lunar Factory - TNT Map19
E2L10: Overlord - TNT Map30
E2L11: Wormhole - TNT Map04

Episode 3: The Final Onslaught
E3L1: High Voltage - TNT Map23
E3L2: Waste Tunnels - TNT Map22
E3L3: Redemption - TNT Map10
E3L4: Downtown - Doom 2 Map13
E3L5: Industrial Zone - Doom 2 Map15
E3L6: Caged - Plutonia Map04
E3L7: Beast's Den - TNT Map25
E3L8: Heck - TNT Map28
E3L9: The Labyrinth - TNT Map29
E3L10: Tower Of Babel - Ultimate Doom E2M8
E3L11: Caribbean - TNT Map32

3D Realms
id Software
Team TNT
Strike Force Software
James Ferry

I apologise for the quality of the screenshots. I had to do some rather painstaking trials in order to convert .pcx files into .png ones. Hope you would enjoy this TC, though. By the way, I find it rather interesting that there's a Duke in Doom mod for Doom. That sounds pretty awesome!

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Why would you add in clashing weapons from Shadow Warrior? They don't match with Doom.

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Glaice said:

Why would you add in clashing weapons from Shadow Warrior? They don't match with Doom.

Looks like a star wars blaster to me.

May the bubblegum be with you.

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lol, may the bubblegum be with you, I never noticed the Uzi looks like a Star Wars blaster, and I never thought it was out of place in a mod that means to replicate the gameplay style of Doom. Wish I could have found a better chaingun sprite, though.

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