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Hack Modules=P(l)ay to Win

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The Bethesda blog for Doom 4 just posted a write-up on "Hack Modules," which come with pre-orders and can be earned by playing multi-player. They give abilities like seeing power-ups with timers, opponent's health, and so on.


Such bullshit is just par for the course with this game, but I'd like to point out why it is a problem.

For starters, it is a pay to win set-up. That the items are limited doesn't change the fact that players are paying extra or pre-ordering to gain an advantage, however temporary.

But the problem continues, because now we have this system that says, instead of becoming skilled through play, we will just give you the skills as a reward for playing. Don't bother learning item drops(one of the core elements of the arena FPS), just pop one of these hack modules and we'll take care of everything for you.

Hence, I say it is "P(l)ay to Win." First you pay to win, then you just keep playing to have an advantage over your opponents (more hack modules). Don't bother gaining skill or anything.

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