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Does anyone have any information on what PRBOOM does NOT support?

I've tried skyrotation (doesn't work), and fog (GZDoom) which doesn't work; however, in the Setup, fog is an option in PRBOOM.


I'd like to stick with releasing my next map for PRBOOM (and a release for Doomsday)...

Just curious as to where I can find the differences in which lumps are supported (for example, I know that PRBOOM doesn't support multiple floors, slopes, etc.) but it DOES support SKYBOXES...

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http://doomwiki.org/wiki/PrBoom%2B is pretty comprehensive I think.

However it says nothing about fog. A quick look through the changelog suggests it only works with GZDoom lighting mode, but even then I can't find out how to enable it. Hopefully entryway or someone else who knows will chime in, otherwise you probably just have to find a wad by Eternal that uses it :p

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