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List of sounds in doom 2 when quitting?

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I'm making a deathmatch wad, and when the game is exited it makes a random sound, sometimes there are sounds of enemies, since enemies aren't used in deathmatch wads I want to replace those with some funny sound replacements such as : Instead of a hell knight death sound there'll be a sound of michael rosen saying "Plums" or something.

Quitting sounds in doom I found so far: Hell knight death, powerup pick, player death, gibbing, idle arachnoton, idle spawner cube, AV ambush, Revenant swing, demon bite, AV idle, and uh.

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here's the list of sounds that can be played, from the prb+ source:

Im too lazy at the moment to enumerate what sound each of the abbreviations is associated with, but that should be easy enough just poking around the iwad in slade.

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