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-viddump not working correctly?

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Yesterday, I decided to make an encode of my Switcherroom Episode run, but many of the effects are missing (screen effect when taking damage, screen effect when picking up bonuses, and especially music.) I would like to have those in my demos. Also, I do not have any of those effects off in my settings. I used -timedemo sre1o437 -viddump sre1o437.mkv. My config for prboom-plus -viddump is:

# Video capture encoding settings
cap_soundcommand "oggenc2 -r -R %s -q 5 - -o output.ogg"
cap_videocommand "x264 -o output.264 --crf 22 --muxer auto --demuxer raw --input-csp rgb --input-depth 8 --input-res 1280x720 --fps 35 -"
cap_muxcommand "mkvmerge -o %f output.264 output.ogg"
cap_tempfile1 "output.ogg"
cap_tempfile2 "output.264"
cap_remove_tempfiles 1

If you see any possible problems, please tell me!

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Idk why those effects are missing. But as far as the music is concerned, are you sure you are using fluidsynth?. For me SDL and portmidi did not work.

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I've experienced the screen effects getting suddenly turned off before; I think that is a setting in the cfg file, although I'm not sure why it turned off when I was using viddump. I think I ended up just redownloading PrBoom+ and putting it in a different folder, but I'm not sure. The music is probably the wrong player as SWDude said; SDL and Portmidi do not work. If you want better quality music playing while recording, you're going to have to download a soundfont and replace it manually in the cfg while keeping the player set to Fluidsynth.

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