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Odd looking frontpage

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Not seeing that black space on a 27" monitor at 1920x1080.

[edit] ahhh it does appear when making the text smaller using ctrl -.

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I had the same problem as Doom Dude. I keep all my browser tabs zoomed really far in. and that hides a lot of these kinds of things.

I don't think the issue is the page being designed for 4:3 monitors. The only thing that matters here is horizontal resolution. A high-resolution 4:3 monitor would have the same issue. Even considering that, the real issue is probably just changes in web browsers.

*peeks at HTML*

The page renders differently on Firefox and Chrome. On Chrome the tables that display the story dates don't extend farther than the ends of the dates either. I can't tell whether that's a bug in Chrome or a bug in both Firefox and IE.

Adding "width=100%" to the top story table and the news story date tables gives more consistent results.

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thedeadgmr said:

I'm pretty sure that this site was made with 4:3 screens in mind (think back to the 90s), so it would look more like

The "Top Story" table usually stretches to fill the available width, which isn't what I'm seeing on Firefox at 1920x1200.

*peeks at html & dw.css*

I think the problem might be that someone specified a width for /images/topstory.gif

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