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[ZDoom/Zandro] DUMP Episode 1: Fuck Time Limits

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Mapping is hard.

A lot of us have been wanting to map for a while, but can't really get over that initial hump. There's only one way to improve, but oh man is it painful to just grind, grind, grind until you get a clue and figure out what to do. We get awesome ideas! Oh, man, this would be so cool! Then we jump in and...stare at the grid for hours.

For 2016, I really want to better my mapping abilities and put out some good stuff. Two friends, Mystical and Gardevoir, said that a good experiment might be to try speedmapping. Just get the shit out of the mind and into the editor, stream-of-consciousness work. 4-6 hours, Zandro compatibility, vanilla monsters/weapons.
Then a friend decided to jump on board. Then another friend. Then another friend. Then we had a whole bunch of people making maps, vet and newbie alike, all pushing against a 4-6 hour deadline to make some ZDoom maps to jump up and down on. Then we compiled them into a single pack and gave 'em one more run through for polish and decoration.

Obviously, we finished. We now present to you, a small hub leading to a handful of different maps. Beat each map to unlock the exit, and exit to win.
Gameplay mods should be supported. Pistol start is enforced, though, so something like DoomRLA or Hideous Destructor will likely piss you off. Monsters are vanilla, except for the secret/final map, which comes to a grand total of two new enemies.

The primary purpose of this project is to have a way for all of the newbies to try and push over that initial hump together, to MAKE something. It's a way for the vets to lead on some new mappers, welcome them into something they wouldn't normally try.
Please enjoy, a lot of people really fought tooth and nail in order to hurdle over the hump and make it in. Also please feel free to point out any issues, troubles, errors, imbalances, and etc about the maps. Don't feel the need to sugarcoat, give it to us straight--none of us are pro-tier mappers. We can't improve if we don't know what's wrong.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gkomcyrmz7k88c/DUMP-1.pk3?dl=1 - Download here. (14.2 megabytes)


Titlepic by Sgt. Shivers
Title/victory music is from Super Power League 4
DRL333 for helping out with fixing switches in maps 6, 7, and 15.

MAP01: UAC Castle Outpost
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: TMNT; Tournament Fighters (SNES) - Big Boss
Textures: TNT.wad (Skybox), Doom PSX (Bars)

MAP02: Imp Springs
Mapper: SmashBroPlusB
Music: Stunt Racer FX - Night Owl
Textures: N/A

MAP03: Some Place in Hell I Dunno
Mapper: Gardevoir
Music: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Jazz Be Damned
Textures: N/A

MAP04: Piledriver
Mapper: _sink
Music: Necros - Energia
Textures: N/A

MAP05: Doomguy Gets Violent Again
Mapper: DRL 3.33
Music: Necros - d3
Textures: AD_79 (Violence textures), Mechadon (Skybox), DRL 3.33 (light fixtures)

MAP06: Bloody Castle
Mapper: Mystical
Music: Unreal Tournament - Underworld II
Textures: Oblige (Skybox)

MAP07: I Forgot To Put Sugar In My Tea
Mapper: LaggyBlazko
Music: TNT: Evilution - Let's Kill At Will
Textures: LaggyBlazko (Snow flats, snowman), Unreal (rocks, clouds), TNT: Evilution (Mountains)

MAP08: aaaaa
Mapper: Kurashiki
Music: L'Arc-en-Ciel - Ibara no Namida
Textures: cc4-tex.wad (textures), Kurashiki (skybox)

MAP09: tooou
Mapper: Toooooasty
Music: Necros - paskaa
Textures: Oblige (Skybox)

MAP10: Fluvial Terrace
Mapper: Jimmy
Music: James Paddock - Tungsten
Textures: rf` (helltex), RottKing (coultex), Jonathan Rimmer (erattex), id Software (old/edited Doom textures)

MAP11: The Mothership
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: Icarus: Alien Vangaurd - Hydroponics / UFO (TV) - Main Theme
Textures: N/A

MAP12: asses
Mapper: Marrub
Music: Final Fight 3 - Pints and Punks
Textures: cc4-tex.wad (Textures)

MAP13: Ascent and Descent
Mapper: TerminusEst13
Music: Necros - Martian Lovesong
Textures: plums (Skybox)

MAP14: Gatehouse
Mapper: Nyss
Music: SlayeR - Into The...
Textures: N/A

MAP15: Infernal Bastion
Mapper: LegoCS
Music: Tokuhiko Uwabo - Marionette's World
Textures: Gothic Texture Pack

SECRET: Doomguy Purposefully Wanders About the Omegamatic
Mapper: Sgt. Shivers
Music: Commander Keen 5 - Be Sphereful with my Diamonds / Mars: The Bringer of War
Textures: Commander Keen

MAP16: Finishing Up
Mapper: TerminusEst13
Music: Overcoat - Drifting / Unreal - WarLord
Textures: N/A
Sprites: Nazilla by luigi2600

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I played the maps, it was rather fun overall and there wasn't anything really offensive. Here are some more "specific" comments:

Ascent and Descent, Fluvial Terrace, The Mothership, Doomguy Gets Violent Again, Some Place in Hell I Dunno, and Piledriver were allright.

Imp Springs: "HDoom got me into demons and I have few regrets" 10/10, cute map with its usage of ZDoom features.

tooou: I liked the tower with its 3D floors, a shame for the rushed ending.

aaaaa: interesting gimmick of the snow, but I fell that it could be applied in a better way from a gameplay perspective.

Bloody Castle: the lift-door before the revenants was a bit bugged (I played on GZDoom though), also idk what's up with the moving wall that activates at the switch at the barons.

I Forgot To Put Sugar In My Tea: nice map but I didn't like those spectres.

Gatehouse: pretty much allright if not a bit too much slow. I just rushed into the mazed as I didn't feel to explore it.

Infernal Bastion: the chaingunners in the pillars couldn't move, nor shoot. I wasn't fond of the gameplay of this one, if you start to put more mid-tier monsters at least put the SSG or a RL.

asses: it's completely flat. Also it was really easy to just get past the monsters and skip them after the only big set-up.

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Thank you very much!
Yeah, Bloody Castle seems to be the buggiest of the batch--we've ended up giving that map a bugfix run over three times and it still insists on breaking in various new and interesting ways. It probably would've just been better to cut it...
Well, hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

I'll pass along the comments to their respective authors, they'll appreciate the input!

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